The first sections of CVs list one’s achievements. The models below allow CV authors to record these achievements.


The Degree model stores instances of degrees earnned and has three required fields:

  • degree
  • date_earned
  • institution that granted the degree

The Degree model inherits from DisplayableModel and therefore has an extra field that can be used to enter information about the degree. For the special case of honors, the Degree model has a field, honors, that allows information such as whether a degree was attained cum laude.

Model instances are sorted in reverse chronological order using the date_earned values.


The Position model stores instances of jobs or research experience and has three required fields

  • title
  • start_date
  • institution

The model also contains fields that allow the user to specify the department in which the user worked, as well as a project within the department.

Model instances are sorted in reverse chronological order by the end_date field first and the start_date second.

The model also has a Boolean field primary_position that allows the user to indicate if the position represents the primary title. The primary_position field is used, for example, in the heading of the HTML and PDF views. The model also comes with a primary_position manager that accesses the PrimaryPositionManager that returns only Position instances marked as being primary positions.


The Award model stores instances of honors or awards that the user has received. The model has three required fields:

  • name of the award
  • organization that grants the award
  • date of award

The model also has a description field that can be used to provide more information about the award.