Chapter Model

Model field reference cv.models.publications.Chapter
Authorship set cv.models.publications.ChapterAuthorship
Editorship set cv.models.publications.ChapterEditorship

The Chapter model represents an instance of a chapter. In addition to the authorship attribute that saves authorship information, the Chapter class also has an editorship attribute that contains information about editors of the volume in which the chapter appears. The editorship relationship operates the same way as authorship sets and include the same fields, except that the editorship model does not contain a student_colleague field.

Chapter Views

Chapter List : cv.views.CVListView
Context object {{chapter_objects}}
Template 'cv/lists/chapter_list.html'
URL 'chapters/'
MIME type text/html

The chapter list view produces a page with a list of the author’s chapters. The page renders an instance of the cv.views.CVListView with the named parameter model_name set to 'chapter'. This view returns the object {{object_list}} in the context with four objects on its dot path:

Integer of total number of chapters from all three managers:
queryset of all published chapters (uses the published() method of the PublicationManager)
queryset of all chapters in the revision process (uses the revise() method of the PublicationManager)
queryset of all chapters in preparation for submission (uses the inprep() method of the PublicationManager)

The URL can be accessed in templates by using the URL template filter with the named URL section_list and model_name parameter equal to chapter, i.e.:

{% url section_list model_name='chapter' %}
Chapter Detail: cv.views.ChapterDetailView
Context object {{chapter}}
Template 'cv/details/chapter_detail.html'
URL 'chapters/<slug:slug>/'
MIME type text/html

The chapter detail view produces a page that represents a single chapter. The default template includes the title, the abstract, and links to download the citation in both RIS and BibTeX formats (described below). The page is rendered as an instance of the cv.views.CVDetailView view with the named parameters model_name set to 'chapter' and the slug set to the value of the chapter’s slug field. The view returns the context {{chapter}} that represents a the Chapter instance.

The URL can be accessed using the named URL item_detail with with model_name set to article and slug set to the article’s slug attribute, i.e.:

{% url item_detail model_name='chapter' slug='slug-from-short-title' %}
Chapter Citation: cv.views.book_citation_view()
Context object {{chapter}}
Templates 'cv/citations/chapter.ris' 'cv/citations/chapter.bib'
URL 'chapter/<slug:slug>/citation/<str:format>/'
MIME types application/x-research-info-systems application/x-bibtex

Returns view to allow citation to be downloaded to citation management software.

The <str:format> named parameter should be one of:

will create downloadable citation using Reference Manager format specification (see
will create downloadable citation using the BibTeX format specification (see