Report Model

Model field reference cv.models.Report
Authorship set cv.models.ReportAuthorship

The Report model represents an instance of a report or a publication with a similar format to a report (e.g., policy brief, working paper, etc.)

Report Views

Report List : cv.views.CVListView

Context object {{report_objects}}
Template 'cv/lists/report_list.html'
URL 'reports/'
MIME type text/html

The report list view produces a page with a list of an author’s reports. The page is a rendered instance of the cv.views.CVListView view with the named parameter model_name set to 'report'. The view returns the object {{object_list}} in the context with with four objects on its dot path:

Integer of total number of books from all three managers:
QuerySet of all published books (uses the published manager <topics-pubs-published-manager>)
queryset of all books in the revision process (uses the revise manager <topics-pubs-revise-manager>)
queryset of all books in preparation for submission (uses the inprep manager <topics-pubs-published-manager>)

The URL can be accessed in templates by using the URL template filter with the named URL section_list and model_name parameter equal to report, i.e.:

{% url section_list model_name='report' %}
Report Detail: cv.views.CVDetailView
Context object {{report}}
Template 'cv/details/report_detail.html'
URL 'reports/<slug:slug>/'
MIME type text/html

The report detail view produces a representation of a single report. The page renders an instance of cv.views.CVDetailView with the named parameters model_name set to 'report' and the slug set to the value of the report’s slug field. The view returns the context object {{report}} that represents a single Report instance.

Report Citation: cv.views.citation_view()
Context object {{report}}
Templates 'cv/citations/report.ris' 'cv/citations/report.bib'
URL 'reports/<slug:slug>/citation/<str:format>/'
MIME types application/x-research-info-systems application/x-bibtex

Creates representation of a report as a file that can be downloaded or exported to citation management software.

The <str:format> named parameter should be one of:

will create downloadable citation using Reference Manager format specification (see
will create downloadable citation using the BibTeX format specification (see